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We offer a range of workshops for personal and professional development. All sessions are highly interactive, providing time and space to gain insights and to apply new knowledge in a supportive environment. We take time for a range of practices, which incorporate practical skills and techniques, reflect on learning, identify inner strengths and enable you to gain confidence in moving forward through experiential learning.


All workshops can be booked via an initial conversation, either by telephone or video call. Alternatively, get in touch via our contact form.



Enhancing Resilience


  • To increase awareness of what is involved in being resilient
  • To explore a range of approaches including research findings



  • Experience of methods and processes leading to continual self development
  • Insights into strategies that build on current strengths


Courage, Compassion and Contemplation


  • To explore self compassion and some elements of neuroscience
  • To have an awareness of the science of empathy and its impact



  • Gain insights into a range of leadership styles and practices
  • Experiential learning addressing some aspects of self mastery


Reflective Learning



  • To examine ways of reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing
  • Gathering information and tools around ways of becoming more effective



  • Experiential learning to engage with the application of self awareness and neurological elements
  • Practical skills to connect with resources for enhancement of performance


Restorative Practices


  • Increase awareness of regulating the affective system, self motivation and self management
  • Exploring commitment to developmental practices to enhance leadership of self



  • Insights into benefits of addressing and implementing achievements
  • Increased understanding of quality of attention and how effectiveness impacts on performance


What others say

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which has made a difference to my daily mindfulness practice and I am using new techniques. Look forward to the next one."


Ruth Ward, Learning Manager, Learndirect, Cheltenham


"I just wanted to say how great I thought the workshop was and how it seems to have had a lasting effect! I am making a conscious decision throughout the day to be mindful and have been talking about it a lot to friends and family."


Georgina Thomas, Senior Team Manager, Cheltenham.


"I am not new to meditation, but I found this workshop very helpful. I have used some of the practices several times since and found it very profound and relaxing." 


Rose Woodford, Textile Artist, Birmingham


"Many thanks Frances.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday, very inspiring!"


Sarah Ashworth, Mental Health Officer, Warwick University.


"Thank you for a very engaging day."

Fiona Legros, MD, Results Search & Selection, Leamington.


"Thank you for the session on Saturday. I've heard lots of good feedback from the group, and I know I also enjoyed the day and found it very useful."


Sarah Alexander, MD Vivid Communication, Kenilworth


"Thank you for Saturday - what a great day!"


Gill Frigerio, Senior Lecturer, Warwick University





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