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Mindfulness meditation is a way of focusing and refocusing attention. Regular practice cultivates awareness of sensations on a moment by moment basis; attention is fully in the present moment 'noticing' when the mind wanders towards the future or the past. 


Based on ancient wisdom from the East and adopting a secular form in the West, mindfulness-based approaches have gained in popularity over recent decades as research evidences the benefits of practising and being mindful.


Being mindful involves the development of practices, such as meditation, being purposeful with our attention, being clear about our intention and cultivating a compassionate attitude towards ourselves.


Mindfulness-based approaches

My own focus in developing in mindfulness-based programmes includes:

  • Exploring ways in which we 'lead' ourselves, through inner leadership and internal intent
  • How we experience this through mind and body
  • Our relationship with courage and compassion
  • Building our resilience


Mindfulness brings about transformational change and requires deep personal work and cultivation. My own contemplative practice and extensive studies in mindfulness-based approaches enable me to support you in this process.


Mindfulness and the workplace

Neuroscientists have confirmed that meditation improves attention, reduces stress hormones, increases appreciation, enhances awareness of self and others, and helps us recover faster from negative information.


Learning to become mindful can lead to being more resilient, less overwhelmed, more able to be compassionate and courageous, and to becoming connected with your sense of purpose.


All these qualities enhance performance in the workplace and lead to a greater sense of wellbeing.


Mindful leaders are self-aware, open, conscious, compassionate and empathic. They are accepting of uncertainty and ambiguity. With greater presence, they are aware of their own leadership styles, skills and qualities.


How I can help

I offer one to one work, small group work, workshops and development of programmes in mindfulness-based approaches.


My specialisms are:

  • Mindfulness-based Approaches to Resilience 
  • Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace


I adhere to Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-based Courses as set out by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers.


My own formal training includes:

  • Mindfulness-based Approaches with CBT Teacher Training, University of Salford
  • Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living for Healthcare Professionals and Trainers, Institute for Mindfulness-based Approaches, Ireland
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace, Post Graduate Level, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David


Working together

If you would like to find out more, we can arrange an initial conversation, either by telephone or video call. Alternatively, get in touch via our contact form.


What others say

"Frances is an experienced coach with counselling skills and a particular interest and specialism in mindfulness.  I've met her several times through a professional coaching network in Birmingham and as part of this, I've heard her speak on the subject - she knows her stuff!"


Frank Mason, Managing Director, Eiremas Consultancy





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