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With significant experience of mentoring across a range of sectors, including Arts, Health, Education and Business I provide a range of options.


One to one

Through being listened to in a non judgemental way, individuals operating on a freelance basis and those working in small medium enterprises benefit from taking time to meet in a confidential space to address professional concerns. Together, we focus on a range of issues, which tend to include:

  • Difficulties in meeting deadlines
  • A balanced approach to achieving outcomes
  • How to be more effective in professional relationships
  • Opportunities to sound out ideas
  • Progressing project proposals
  • Career crossroads

We productively work through feasibility options: clarifying your aims and prioritising the stages involved results in clear and effective pathways to manageable and successful achievements.


Executives and entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurs and executives benefit from supportive, creative and challenging mentoring. I share my expertise to continually increase self awareness and to further develop emotional intelligence. With a background in the arts, I provide a thinking environment which offers a creative approach within a robust professional relationship. Working from an approach of exploring insights and further developing strengths, I offer observations on the impact of working relationships focusing on recognition of learning styles and preferences, alongside working styles. Frequently we might together explore and evaluate leadership styles across a spectrum, making time for reflection and experiential learning


Mentor Training

I devise programmes to train people in the skills required to be effective mentors. This in turn develops opportunities to bring about learning and change for individuals, amongst teams, within organisations and more collaborative working practices.


I also collaborate with organisations to put in place processes and procedures for an effective mentoring scheme to operate. Aspects including roles, obligations and expectations can be incorporated, as can support systems such as peer to peer arrangements and supervision.


Peer Mentoring Projects

Peer to peer mentoring can enhance motivation, communication, planning and engagement. It often results in increased collaboration, openess, trust, learning and change. For organisations wishing to create a peer mentoring programme, I offer scheme set up, facilitation, training and supervisory support.



I have been involved with the award winning Warwick Business School Mentoring Programme since it started both as a mentor myself and as a member of the sub committee focused on training of participating mentors. Within this programme, I mentor people working in middle and senior management in large organisations, as well as individuals seeking to start up their own ventures.


I have been a business mentor for The Prince's Trust working with entrepreneurs in the creative industries.


I provide specialist mentoring to a select number of undergraduates and postgraduates, including individuals involved in doctoral research.


Working together

If you would like to find out more, we can arrange an initial conversation, either by telephone or video call, to clarify areas for development and to check that each of us is happy and confident to begin working together. Alternatively, get in touch via our contact form.


What others say

"Originally it was a strange process, as I have not been mentored formally before. It gave me space to work on me, which was very interesting. Frances was very good at her craft. She seemed measured and connected to what I was saying. Her challenges made me realise how I had or had not thought my thoughts and actions through.I thought I was going to work with someone who could tell me what I needed to do or should be doing. Instead, I met someone who made me realise I had everything within me. Frances encouraged me to be myself (made me own myself), and made me comfortable in myself when it came to decision making. I took the time to think and re-evaluate everything around me in order to be able to work more effectively. I have a clear focus on my priorities. I used to think I had to do everything myself when in reality as a manager, I can delegate to others best suited for particular roles."


"An important part of our work has been to deal with my academic difficulties in a practical manner. Where I realised I was struggling with anxiety linked to a fear of success/failure, I feel this was abated by a combination of two things: managing expectations and taking responsibilty for my decisions. I get the sense that there is a bit more flexibility in my thinking now. Meeting up on a regular basis I think was important in terms of keeping the momentum and holding myself accountable for my progress. Frances' patience in listening to me talk was invaluable."







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