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As an experienced and qualified coach, I provide confidential consultancy using coaching skills. The focus is on the present with a view to exploring pathways for change and transformation. Coaching is all about cultivating awareness and responsibility, enabling you to make informed, conscious choices, take actions and to be accountable for the paths you choose.


People come to me to:

  • Gain insights
  • Increase skills
  • Deepen awareness
  • Explore how to enhance personal and professional development


People leave with:

  • An increased understanding of their values
  • Strategies for overcoming barriers to success
  • Clarity and a renewed sense of purpose
  • Confidence to move forward and meet new challenges


My approach

My approach is holistic: working with the whole person at a depth beyond dealing with surface aspects such as rearranging behaviours and tasks. Taking a person-centred approach, that is working with the elements of your life that you want to develop, I work alongside you to bring about transformational change at a pace that works for you. 


 I have been involved in organising, facilitating and presenting at regular Continual Professional Development events for a large and diverse community of Coaches in the Midlands. Many of us work in the field of Executive Coaching as well as Personal Professional Development Coaching. 


My qualifications include:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring, University of Wolverhampton Business School
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring in Education, University of Wolverhampton
  • Certificate in Person-centred Counselling, University of Warwick


Working together

If you would like to find out more, we can arrange an initial conversation, either telephone or video call, to clarify areas for development and to check that each of us is happy and confident to begin working together. Alternatively, get in touch via our contact form.


What others say

"Frances is an experienced coach and mentor who is committed to supporting the personal and professional development of others. She brings a deep knowledge of mindfulness, wellbeing and resilience to her coaching and mentoring conversations. She actively and enthusiastically helps others to develop their coaching and mentoring skills, particularly through reflection on experience."


Bob Thomson

Professor of Practice, Warwick Business School


"Having made the investment in coaching with Frances gave me the opportunity to test out my ideas about a large project I was about to embark on. It was very powerful to be able to reflect on my initial thoughts in a non-judgemental setting. I found myself able to generate fresh thinking with an increased range of options. Through the coaching I also became reconnected with the value of maintaining habitual routines which are beneficial for sustaining my personal professional development.  I came away with much greater clarity, an enhanced vision of ways of moving forward along with strategic insights I can put into practice."


Dr Santiago Oyarzabal, Journalist, Filmaker


"Although I was unsure what to expect from coaching I have gained far more than I could have anticipated. The results of this coaching have provided me with invaluable insights and confidence. I have been able to implement changes immediately and have seen benefits across my organisation. Working with Frances in a way that has provided time to reflect, to clarify objectives, to prioiritise, to experiment with new ways of working and evaluating what is effective has been a very powerful experience.  Frances uses her mindfulness-based coaching skills in a way that is supportive and stretching. It has also inspired me to continue embracing mindful practices." 


Cate, MD, Widgit.Com



"I have known Frances for several years through her co-ordination role with Coaching Connections. She is an excellent coach, with a specialism in mindfulness. Her thoughtful yet challenging approach to coaching makes her the ideal person to assist with all aspects of change. I can thoroughly recommend her as a first rate coach."


Dr Anita Pickerden

Director, Anita Pickerden Associates Ltd










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